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geneous, not too brittle, almost odourless and non-hygroscopic, and that they
do not break up in the furnace or give too much smoke when burning.

ĽAs regards briquettes of bituminous coal, the amount of pitch used varies
between 5 and 10% and is commonly about 8%. The moisture should not
exceed 5% and the ash, which in good qualities is often not more than 7%,
should not be more than 9-10% ; the volatile matters vary from 14 to 24%,
but are ordinarily about 16%. Good bituminous briquettes should not contain
more than i'2% of sulphur, and their calorific power should be about equal
to that of the good coal from which they are made and in general should not
be below 7500 cals.

sulphur may reach 2-5%, but for metallurgical coke the